Virtual Office,
solution for working remotely

Are you working remotely but want to leave a lasting professional impression with your clients?   

With Virtual Office, you can maintain a sense of professionalism with all the benefit of having a physical office space without actually owning one!

Benefit of having a Virtual Office?

Elevate a sense of professionalism

When you sign up for Common Ground’s Virtual Office, you are granted the option of having a business address among our 12 available locations. This provides your company with a competitive edge as clients would often look for businesses in a well-known commercial area which puts your business within their radar.

Saving on Resources

Virtual Office allows you the same benefit of having professional services such as mail handling and your own business landline number without the need to lease a traditional workspace.

Membership Benefits

By signing up for a virtual office, you get to enjoy all of our Common Ground membership benefits at a discounted price. These benefits include the usage of our meeting rooms and event space at any venue. You can also get to join in on our member forums and events too!


Business address

A professional address for all your business-related communications.

Mail handling services

All your mail signed for and stored safely for you.

Phone services

Access to your own business landline number via the Hello CG app.

Prime membership

Being part of Common Ground Members means you gain access to our member forum, events, benefits, and discounts.

Workspaces on demand

Discounted rates on workspaces, event spaces, and meeting rooms at any venue.

Choose your
Business Address